Last Week of Instruction: Fall 2018

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Warmup:  Look through your essays, invention notes, peer responses, revisions, etc.

  • What is an invention, brainstorming, planning, freewriting, or mapping technique that you use with frequency?  Jot down examples and describe and reflect upon why/how this technique works for you.  What does this technique help you to do in your writing? How would you assess its impact on you as a writer?
  • How has your ability to focus your writing—i.e. establish a main point and organize your writing around your central focus—evolved over the semester? Describe your most focused essay. How does your organization and evidence work to support your focus in this essay? How could you help your other essays attain as strong a focus? What would you change, add, or revise?
  • Pick a passage from your writing that best illustrates your strengths as a writer. What in this passage works well? How do you know? How could you make more of your essay writing achieve this level?
  • Evaluate how purposeful you feel your writing is overall. Where have you taken into consideration your audiences’ needs (illustrate)? Where have you had trouble connecting your audience to the material and to your purpose in the writing? How would you work to make your purpose more clear to your audience and have them connect more fully to the material?
  • Describe your greatest weakness as a writer by pointing it out throughout your essay writing this semester. What steps will you take to strengthen this aspect of your writing? How could a classmate help you strengthen this part of your writing?
  • Write a paragraph to yourself in which you give your best advice and encouragement to yourself about your writing. What do you most need to do and how can you accomplish this in the next  week? What are you already doing that is excellent and can try to make happen with greater frequency in your writing? Write at least two sentences in which you describe why someone should read your writing—what makes it worth the reader’s time and effort?

Portfolio Peer Workshop


With your Partner, discuss what you most want help with in your essay(s) and then share overall your Warm-up–discuss what you’ve learned about being a critical reader, writer, and thinker this semester…be prepared to share with entire class some observations based on your discussion.

Next Week is the End:

Final  Instructions:

–Bring your PORTFOLIO: Final, clean, typed, MLA-formatted copies of your essays (includes Essays 1, 2, 3, plus revised cover letter for Essay #3) in your manila envelope. Don’t forget that each of your essays must have a Works Cited. Your Final Portfolio is due on December 10th (final exam night).

–Bring your JOURNAL to turn in. Make to include all warmups, reading responses, homework exercises, in-class activities, group project work–remember ALL preliminary invention work, outlines, previous drafts and revisions of your essays (including exam books) go in your JOURNAL.

–For your FINAL EXAM, please make sure to bring your large-sized exam book; you will have two hours for your exam and must write in ink.