Class 10: More Research & Team Time: Looking Ahead to the End

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Please bring your Rogerian Argument Essays (Essay #3) to turn in to me in H103

Group Project #2 Team Time in H111–you have as much time as you want to work on your project with each other this evening.

Work on Group Project #2 (due on November 26th)

  • Review the tutorial for your assigned database:
  • Using your database, work together with your group on filling out answers to the research_essay_working_knowledge handout (also a handout you can use to help you with preparing for Essay #3) for the topic of civil disobedience today (from a Rogerian argument point of view)–your group’s answers to the questions on this worksheet will be due on November 26th
  • Your group will do a presentation on how to use your assigned database and will be teaching the rest of the class how to use this database; your group’s presentation will also include a creative/fun/imaginative/thought-provoking/visually and aurally appealing summary of ideas you discovered in your further research on civil disobedience and its feasibility today from a Rogerian argument perspective.
  • You must have a bibliography of academic/scholarly sources your group researched and will turn in with the working knowledge handout (a bibliography in MLA-format); you must have 4-6 sources listed
  • Here’s another activity sheet to help you think through your presentation:  Group_Rogerian_worksheet_activity


1. If you haven’t yet, revise Essay #2, include material to strengthen your essay from peer reviewed secondary resources on civil disobedience that you’ve discovered while working on your group project, and bring with you, along with previous drafts, peer responses, and prewriting/invention. Make sure you have a complete Works Cited. Make sure you focus on analyzing the primary source through quotes and examples from King–you should have specific evidence with analysis and synthesis on how and why King’s work means what it means in every paragraph. The revised essay must be typed, 4-6 pages, in MLA format. As you are revising, make sure to keep in mind all the advice from Ch. 7 of They Say, I Say about “So What”–plus utilize the other tips and checklist below for revising essays.

2. Catch up on all missing journal entries—and/or add to journal entries

Things to keep in mind as your revise your essays

  • You need to include quotation/evidence sandwiches throughout your essay: cite quotes and examples from the texts and any other research/evidence in every supporting paragraph
  • Stop using second person!
  • Make sure to introduce the titles/authors of the works you are examining
  • Give your essay a title which previews the essay’s central idea or focus—a title that makes your reader want to read the essay
  • You need to work on your MLA Format!!!—this means giving credit to your sources through parenthetical citation throughout the text of the paper and including a works cited page at the end; please go here for a sample that shows exactly how to do MLA Format:

Keep in mind this checklist as you revise: they-say_revision_checklist

Upcoming dates to remember:

  • November 26: Journal Check Workshop; Group Project #2 Presentations
  • December 3:  Portfolio Workshop (bring copies of all essays); Journals Due
  • December 10:  Final Exam; Final Portfolio Due

Final Portfolio Instructions:

–Final, clean, typed, MLA-formatted copies of your essays (includes Essays 1, 2, 3, plus revised cover letter for Essay #3) in your manila envelope. Your Final Portfolio is due on December 10th (final exam night).

ALL preliminary invention work, outlines, previous drafts and revisions of your essays (including exam books) go in your JOURNAL.

On December 10th (final exam night), please make sure to bring your large-sized exam book; you will have two hours for your exam and must write in ink.