Class 9: Format, Schmormat

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Warmup: Jot down notes/answers to as many of the following as you can in the time allotted for your warmup:

In thinking more deeply about your Rogerian Argument topic, explore the following:

o   reasons why it’s an important topic to you and why it should matter to others,

o   what kinds of research you could use to develop the topic

o   what you think will be easiest about addressing the topic and what what will be most difficult

o   what you want your audience to think, understand, and/or do in response to this topic

Pair with a Classmate–share your warmup and discuss the following with one another:

Who are persons or groups who you feel would care most about the topic your peer is proposing? Why? What suggestions do you have for connecting these persons or groups to the topic and making them care?

Whole Group Review of MLA-Format

  1. How do you format the first page of your essay in MLA?
  2. How do you do in-text citations? How are they punctuated?
  3. How do you format block quotes?
  4. How do you format the titles of published works?
  5. How do you delete words from an original quote?
  6. How do you format a Works Cited page?

Group Videos on Fallacies (hasty generalization)

Coming soon:  bandwagon (false dilemma)

Researching for Essay #3

Work on Group Project #2 (due on November 26th)

  • Review the tutorial for your assigned database:
  • Using your database, work together with your group on filling out answers to the research_essay_working_knowledge handout (also a handout you can use to help you with preparing for Essay #3) for the topic of civil disobedience today (from a Rogerian argument point of view)–your group’s answers to the questions on this worksheet will be due on November 26th
  • Your group will do a presentation on how to use your assigned database and will be teaching the rest of the class how to use this database; your group’s presentation will also include a creative/fun/imaginative/thought-provoking/visually and aurally appealing summary of ideas you discovered in your further research on civil disobedience and its feasibility today from a Rogerian argument perspective.
  • You must have a bibliography of academic/scholarly sources your group researched and will turn in with the working knowledge handout (a bibliography in MLA-format); you must have 4-6 sources listed
  • Here’s another activity sheet to help you think through your presentation:  Group_Rogerian_worksheet_activity


1. Complete your draft of Essay #3 (Essay3_Rogerian)–which you are turning in on November 19th.  For this essay you must have 5-7 legitimate resources; to help you conduct the research necessary to draft your essay, use the steps above on Researching for Essay #3.

2. Revise exam 2 into formal Essay #2 (101_inclassexam_civil_disobedience); you must turn this essay in either on November 19 or 26. The revised essay must be typed, 4-6 pages, in MLA format. As you are revising, make sure to keep in mind all the advice from Ch. 7 of They Say, I Say about “So What”–plus utilize the other tips and checklist below for revising essays.

Things to keep in mind as your revise your essays

  • You need to include quotation/evidence sandwiches throughout your essay: cite quotes and examples from the texts and any other research/evidence in every supporting paragraph
  • Stop using second person!
  • Make sure to introduce the titles/authors of the works you are examining
  • Give your essay a title which previews the essay’s central idea or focus—a title that makes your reader want to read the essay
  • You need to work on your MLA Format!!!—this means giving credit to your sources through parenthetical citation throughout the text of the paper and including a works cited page at the end; please go here for a sample that shows exactly how to do MLA Format:

Keep in mind this checklist as you revise: they-say_revision_checklist

Upcoming dates to remember:

  • November 19: Essay #3 (Rogerian Argument) Due at start of class in typed MLA-format
  • Either November 19 or November 26: Revision of Essay #2 Due (typed in MLA-format)
  • November 26: Journal Check Workshop; Group Project #2 Presentations
  • December 3:  Portfolio Workshop (bring copies of all essays); Journals Due
  • December 10:  Final Exam; Portfolios Due