Class 8: Work on Group Project; In-Class Essay #2; Upcoming Assignments

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Work on outlining your logical fallacies video

In-Class Essay #2

Homework/Directions: complete 1-3 below before our next class meeting

1. Read and take notes in your journal about Rogerian Argument:

      • What is Rogerian Argument (
Next, let’s review key ideas from Ch. 7 of They Say, I Say: “So What? Who Cares”

Saying Why it Matters

  • Chapter 7 talks about how writers don’t address why their arguments matter
  • Rather than assume that audiences will already know why it matters, all writers need to address the “so what?” and “who cares?” up front, this helps keep the audiences interest.
  • Templates for indicating who cares: pages 91-92
  1. address who cares
  2. state it directly in the text
  3. name specific people or groups who have a stake in your claim and go into detail about their views
  4. refer to people who should care about your claims
  • Creates dramatic tension and a clash of views in your writing that the reader will want to see resolved, keeping them interested.
  • “So What?” asks you to link your argument to a larger matter that the readers already think is important.
  • Templates for establishing “So What?”: pages 94-95
  • It shows that just stating and proving your thesis, isn’t enough, you have to hook your reader
  • As a rule, you should always answer these to questions in your writing even if your audience already knows the answers.
  • When you answer these questions, you are urging your audience to keep reading, pay attention and care.

2. For your Rogerian Argument Topic

Take notes in your journal about “so what” and “who cares” in terms of the topic, plus describe how you might address the topic using the Rogerian Argument approach.

3.     View the Following tutorials on MLA Format:

MLA-Formatting-The Basics:

MLA-Formatting-List of Works Cited (8th Ed.):

MLA-Style-In-text Citations (8th Ed.):

Jot down notes/answers in your journal to the following as you watch the videos:

  1. How do you format the first page of your essay in MLA?
  2. How do you do in-text citations? How are they punctuated?
  3. How do you format block quotes?
  4. How do you format the titles of published works?
  5. How do you delete words from an original quote?
  6. How do you format a Works Cited page?

Upcoming dates to remember:

  • If you haven’t completed next revision of Essay #1, do so and turn in on November 5 (work on strengthening your thesis & supporting evidence for your thesis, plus work on your MLA-Format–here’s a sample MLA-formatted essay:
  • November 5: presentations (i.e. Voki or Powtoon) on logical fallacies; work on Rogerian Argument (Essay #3) topics in class; Quiz on MLA-format
  • November 19: Essay #3 (Rogerian Argument) Due at start of class in typed MLA-format
  • Either November 19 or November 26: Revision of Essay #2 Due (typed in MLA-format)
  • November 26: Journal Check Workshop; Group Project #2 Presentations
  • December 3:  Portfolio Workshop (bring copies of all essays); Journals Due
  • December 10:  Final Exam; Portfolios Due