Class 7: Deep Dive into Rhetorical Strategies

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Warmup: You will be turning this in–put your name at the top of the paper, list the topic you outlined (see list on the board for a reminder), plus list the 3 fallacies (bad arguments) you reviewed for homework.

Look back over what you completed for your homework regarding your “communication situation” and outline addressing the topic you selected last week; answer the following for your warmup (note I will be collecting this as well):

  •  What kind of audience outcome do you anticipate? (Final agreement, new interest, tentative decision, change in level of indifference, hostility, listening and considering alternative views, change of mind, or agreement to disagree). Explain why this is the outcome you want to achieve with your argument.
  • What kinds of constraints might your audience have that would prevent them from being persuaded by your argument—or even listening to it fully? Are there ways you can overcome these constraints?
  • What is your working thesis statement? Make sure to phrase it in such a way that makes your argument clear while also considering your audience and their potential response to it.
  • What types of research will you use to support your argument? How will you integrate it to support your argument’s thesis?

Small Group Activity:

  1. Share your research and ideas about the meaning and use of civil disobedience; prepare a group definition of civil disobedience to share with the class.
  2. Share your journal responses from your homework regarding Letter from Birmingham Jail.
  3. Prepare a 2-4 minute presentation (which you will present approximately 30 minutes from now):
    • Present the key idea(s)/argument(s) advanced by King in your group’s assigned section
    • Analyze how King uses key rhetorical devices to support these idea(s)/argument(s) in this section
    • Describe what relationship King’s idea(s)/argument(s) have in connection to the opposition’s arguments discussed in this section
    • During your group’s presentation, you will refer to a diagram/visual you draw on the white board to elucidate your group’s points


Rhetorical Analysis Presentations

Group Video Project Assignment

  • Choose either Voki or Powtoon to create a presentation which teaches about your group’s assigned fallacy, gives illustrative examples, plus provides a list of tips for detecting and correcting this type of  fallacious thinking in your writing. Your group will have a little bit of time to work on this in class on Oct 29th ; your presentation must be completed, emailed to me, and posted in the class FB group prior to start of class on Nov. 5


  1. in your journal, do ex. 1 on page 100 using King essay as the text to examine
  2. in your journal, do ex. #2 on page 101 using your Essay #1
  3. In journal, answer Questions #15 & #16 from the LFBJ analytical questions handout (Let_BHJail_discuss): Q15). Why does King welcome the label extremist?  Q16).  What is your favorite quote? Why? How can you connect this to your life or issues in your community today?

Upcoming dates to remember:

  • Either October 29 or November 5:  next revision of Essay #1 due (work on strengthening your thesis & supporting evidence for your thesis, plus work on your MLA-Format–here’s a sample MLA-formatted essay:
  • October 29:  In Class Essay #2 (bring large-sized exam book)
  • November 5: presentations (i.e. Voki or Powtoon) on logical fallacies; work on Rogerian Argument (Essay #3) topics in class
  • November 19: Essay #3 (Rogerian Argument) Due at start of class in typed MLA-format