Class 5: Peer Review and All That Jazz

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How was the experience of revising your essay? What is working in the draft? What needs work? How do you think a peer reviewer could help you make your draft better?  Be specific in your responses, using examples from the draft and your experience in writing it.

Across the Drafts:

Peer Review Workshop:

Peer Review Workshop Questions

Directions:  Exchange drafts with a partner.  On a separate sheet of paper write your name as the “reviewer” and list your partner’s name as the “writer.” Read your partner’s draft and then answer the questions below on your separate sheet of paper:

  1. How’s the MLA Format? Indicate if there’s anything that you think needs work.
  2. How’s the title? Does the title make you want to read the essay? Why or why not?
  3. How’s the introduction? Does it provide a way “in” to the essay, helping set the scene for what’s to follow? Explain.
  4. What is the thesis? Restate the essay’s main idea in your own words. Is this thesis meaningful to you? Why or why not? How could the thesis be stronger?
  5. Does each paragraph have the “paragraph sandwich” happening? Does it have:
  • Bread–i.e. a topic sentence
  • Meat, cheese, or veggies–i.e. support or examples (evidence, illustrations, quotes, data, detail, etc.)
  • Bread–i.e. the writer’s analysis (thoughts, ideas, interpretations, reflection, etc.), followed by a transition

Point out the paragraph with the strongest sandwich & point to the paragraph whose sandwich needs the most work.

Small Group Workshop:

Use one or more of the templates in Ch. 4  (chapter-4_-three-ways-to-respond) plus group draft from last week and research you did for the group’s topic. Craft a 1-2 page group draft (the directions for ex. 1 & 2 at end of Ch. 4 can help you put your response together)

Share Research; Inquiry Questions about Civil Disobedience:

  • What does HRC (Human Rights Campaign) do to prevent LGBTQ discrimination?
  • At what point should we start disobeying the laws presented to us in order to change them?
  • Why is civil disobedience important?
  • Why does civil disobedience work when violence doesn’t?
  • Why was racial segregation still such a big deal in the 1950s?


1. Read and Respond in your journal:

Letter from Birmingham Jail (birmingham) by Martin Luther King, Jr.

2. View the two TED Talks below:



Write responses to each of the videos in your journal:  reflect about what each is saying about human nature, reasoning, and human fallibility.

3. Read and take notes regarding the first page of this online guide to Rogerian Argument (including watching the video):

4. Read and take notes regarding this info graphic on the 10 steps to writing a Rogerian Argument:

5. Finish reading Ch.4 (chapter-4_-three-ways-to-respond) of They Say, I Say and take notes on key concepts.