Class 1: Building relationships, creating strategies, and cultivating norms for success

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Fall 2018 English 101:  It’s our first class!

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  • Read Ch. 1 of Lies My Teacher Told Me by Loewen (CH1_Lies): Write a Reading Response following the guidelines given in your syllabus.
  • Using this list of 100 (view online here), choose two figures from U.S. History (excluding Woodrow Wilson), one who you feel has gone through a process of hero-making and one who has not. Write a 2-4 page analysis describing why you think this hero-making has happened or not happened for each and what this says about U.S. society and cultural values. Make sure to list the sources you’ve consulted in preparing your answer.
  • Place both parts of your homework in your journal and bring to class next time.
  • Review the entire syllabus Syllabus 101 fall2018 (plain text version) or Eng101_fall18 (hyperlinked version) and bring any questions with you about it to our next class.