Class 11: Peer Review & Group Project Collaboration

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Freewrite about what you learned about theory from writing Essay #2. How did using your theoretical lens help you understand more about the film? How did the theoretical lens help you understand more about the cinematic elements/techniques? What new meaning(s)/interpretations did you derive by applying your theoretical lens?

Peer review workshop:

Exchange your warmups and essays with one another. Read the warmup and then write at least a ½ page meaty response as to how what they say in the warmup comes through in the essay and what they can do to make this even stronger. Then write another ½ page meaty response detailing which paragraph in the essay most strongly uses the theoretical lens and why and which paragraph in the essay is the least strong in applying a theoretical lens and why.

Take out another sheet of paper and use the prompts below to write me a cover letter for your draft:

Dear Professor H:  The two most important points my partner made about my draft are (list and describe why they are important)…

Based on what I thought about while writing my warmup and while participating in tonight’s peer review (give some examples of what you thought about), I plan to do at least the following three things in my next revision of Essay #2 (detail your next steps and how you will accomplish them)…

In closing, Professor H, could you please pay most attention to _____ in my draft and let me know what you think…

Collect Essay #2 and Peer Review Responses

Meet with Group to Collaborate on Final Presentations

Final group project:

Your final group project has 2 parts:

  • Prepare a handout that concisely and engagingly explains the theoretical lens—what its main tenets (features) are and how it works, i.e. how to apply it to film. The handout needs to be one page only (can use front and back) and must include a bibliography of your sources. The handout can include graphics/visuals. Try not to make it too text heavy—i.e. get to the point clearly and concisely. You will distribute this handout to the class at the beginning of your presentation.  You will need to bring 18 copies.
  • Design a ten minute presentation in which you demonstrate the theoretical lens in action. Entertainingly give an interpretation of a film using your theoretical lens. You might act out live or show a video which your group has made in which you retell some portion of the film, add a new scene, revise the end of the film or show the characters sometime in the past or future from the point of view of your theoretical lens. In any event, make sure by the end of ten minutes your audience will get a sense of your theory in action. Be creative! 

What’s at the Finish Line:

  • Journal will contain all your warmups,  notes and in-class activities, your original screening reports & other homework assignments, including materials you prepared for your group projects. Plus your Journal will include 5 revised and typed Screening Reports.
  • Final Portfolio will include the final, clean typed, perfectly formatted copies of your Essay #1 and Essay #2
  • You will be presenting your Final Group Project on May 25th.
  • You will have your Final In-Class Essay Exam on June 1st. The topic will be reflective and analytical, asking you to draw together how your thinking has evolved about film over the course of the semester and how certain assignments this semester have contributed to this evolution.


  • Freewrite a 2 page reflection on how your critical thinking about film has evolved through your work on your essays, in your journal, in class activities, and through your 2 group project experiences.
  • Keep working on your Screening Report Revisions, putting your journals together, revising your Essay #1, etc., to make sure you are ready for turning everything in on the night of your final exam.
  • Keep working on your Final Group Project—make sure your group has an agreed upon timeline to complete and rehearse.
  • Be prepared for a journal check in with me during class next week