Class 9: Applying Critical Thinking

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On Roll Sheet:  write your name and then the three theories you filled in on the Theory Chart for homework.


Pull out your Theory Chart.  Discuss the extent to which you think each of the theories you filled in the chart helped you discover insights about the film you were examining.  Which theory worked best for the film? Why?  Which theory was the most challenging to apply? Why? Which theory (including Feminist) do you feel the most confident in using thus far? Why?

Small Groups: 

Using a theory I will assign your group as a lens, describe how you could interpret the film from that angle. What are the key aspects involved in the theory? How could you apply some of the questions in the Theory Chart to help you interpret/analyze the film?  What should you consider when utilizing this theory as a critical lens? What kinds of questions do you need to answer to view the film through this lens? What would you look for, how would you look for it, and why?

  1. Make a poster answering the questions
  2. Gallery walk


Small groups part two:

  1. Discuss the feminist readings you did for your film—summarize how the film was analyzed via Feminist theory;
    1. We will share + discuss with whole class when you’re done.

Individual reflection in journal:

Look through all of your Screening Reports for the semester; there should be 7 regular ones, plus 1 special one (the Feminist Reading you did for this week. Choose 4 of the 8 which have the most energy, meaning, flow, or resonance for you—the 4 you think show the most promise and the most thinking and interest.  Freewrite about the various reasons these 4 will be the best for you to revise—talk about why you want to revise these, what you think these 4 will reveal about the progress you’ve made over the course of the semester in terms of your critical thinking. Include ideas you have for revising them to make them even better (how would you revise to go into more analytic detail using cinematic elements or critical theory, for example).

Share in small group:

Come up with a list of revision suggestions for screening reports.

Share + Discuss


1  Each of you needs to find readings, videos, activities related to your group’s assigned critical theory. These need to be readings, videos, activities that you can bring to share next week with your group.  Have at least three highly engaging and thought-provoking sources to share.

2  Write a two-page minimum journal response in which you explain why each of the readings, videos, activities you’ve collected for your group’s theory is compelling and how using these materials would help you teach others about how the theory works and how to apply the theory to analyzing films. This journal response will form the basis of your second formal group project which is due on May 25th.

3  Bring to class a revised Screening Report typed in MLA-Format (2-3 pages); use the class’s revision suggestions to help you prepare the formal draft of your screening report.  We will have a Screening Report Workshop in class next week.

4.  Bring a revised, typed in MLA-Format Essay #2.