Class 8: Gazing through Critical Theory Lenses

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What have you discovered about the “male gaze” in films? Let’s look at list of top 20 highest grossing films of last 20 years. For ones that you’ve seen, think about them in terms of the male gaze—i.e. to what extent is there a lack of female characters in these movies? How are the female characters depicted? top_grossing_films

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Classic “male gaze” in Classic Hollywood films:  example of Notorious (1946). How much has film changed?

Small Group Activity Part I

  • Choose and describe the 2-3 most significant ideas from the Mulvey article
  • Share and then choose the most difficult concept you didn’t understand in Mulvey; work together and figure out this idea as a group and then describe.

Watching a Film/Text Together

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An example of a feminist theory lens being applied to Alien:


  • In your journal, write a 2-page “Feminist” response to  one of the films listed for the highest grossing films (top_grossing_films).
  • Read the entirety of the Purdue OWL Critical Theory Handout (Purdue OWL_critical theory)
  • Use this chart (Theory Chart) to fill in columns about 3 critical theories as applied to one of the films listed for the highest grossing films.
  • If you haven’t turned in your next revision of Essay #1, make sure to complete and bring to turn in next time.
  • Work on revising your long-essay for Exam #2 into a full-fledged, MLA-format essay, 5-7 pages; this typed revision is due on May 4th.