Class 7: Essay Exam #2; Beginning to think about Critical Theory

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In-Class Essay #2:  Short Identification and Essay


  • Next revision of Essay #1 due, preferably next week–but no later than April 27th
  • Read the following famous essay on film by Mulvey, “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”: mulveyVisualPleasureNarrativeCinema
    • In your journal, note the key ideas presented by Mulvey and your thoughts about these ideas
    • [Once armed with knowledge from Mulvey’s essay, I think you may be surprised by the number of films that actually do objectify women in this way. This knowledge may very likely change the way you view films, as well as other media, and that in turn will aid your writing.]
    • Choose a film to view (any film –but make it one you have not yet written about this semester); watch the film carefully, taking notes.  In your journal:
      • Write a screening report–but also include detailed answers to these questions:
        • How are the women in the film portrayed?
        • How does the camera photograph them, i.e. camera angle, lighting?
        • Are the women eroticized in some way, either by the clothes they wear or by the type of shot used, i.e. framing, close-up, etc.?
        • How is what the camera photographs different from what the male characters in the film see? In other words, is the camera angle subjective or objective?